Baby Hindustani

Are you finding it difficult to teach your children an Indian Language?

There is a great company called Baby Hindustani which produces DVD’s for children to learn Indian languages.

So far, they have Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, and Bengali. They speak only in the Indian language, so children learn by association. Classical music in the background also provides a soothing touch.

I’ve always worried how we will teach our kids Hindi, since I am not a native speaker, and my husband admits that his Hindi leaves something to be desired. I feel it is important for our kids to learn their “father” tongue. And I know it will serve them well later in life. Everyone knows it is so much easier to learn language at a young age.

These DVD’s make it a fun process as well, I think my husband and I will also learn a thing or two. I hope Baby Hindustani continues to expand their DVD selection! Click here to visit the Baby Hindustani website.

3 thoughts on “Baby Hindustani

  1. Gundu White Girl

    I just wanted to add if your husband is from Tamil Nadu they do have similar things in Tamil. I asked my mother in law and got a ton of them.

    The only problem I found is because of the format different we have to play them on the laptop.

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