Blond, Brown and Black Hair

Trivia Question:
What is the most common hair color in the world?
Depending on where you come from, your first answer might have been brown, or blond, but if you think about it, the answer is black!
My hair is brown. My two best childhood friends had blond hair. I was always described as having “dark” hair. But while living in India, I had to get used to being described as having “light hair.” I guess it’s all relative. In fact, a few of my Indian friends would even go so far as to call my hair blond! Now I can get over the fact that I have “light hair” compared to their beautiful black hair, but come on, BLOND is a bit too far! I tried and tried to convince them my hair wasn’t blond, and finally they compromised by saying my hair was “half-blond.” sigh.
Most of my American friends get married and like to daydream about what color hair their future kids might have. One spouse might have reddish brown hair and the other spouse have blond hair. Will the kids have red hair, brown hair, or blond? Will it change colors as they get older? All perfectly appropriate questions. But it is funny, in India, no one ever questions what color hair their son or daughter will have.
Last week, I was out shopping with a friend. She has 3 young boys all under the age of 4. All of them have blond hair. My husband met us around lunch time, and since we were still trying to make a decision on what to purchase, he offered to take the boys to Wendy’s for lunch. Imagine the surprise that the onlookers had when an Indian man parades in with 3 small blond boys in tow. He managed to keep track of all of them and got them settled down to eat. When finally one woman’s curiosity got the better of her, she leaned over and smiled and said, “Now those can’t be your boys, can they?” I wonder what she would have done if he’d have said yes?!
Since my husband is Indian, I assume that our kids will have dark brown to black hair, but that remains yet to be determined. Genetics can be a funny thing I guess! If our children take after my husband (with a darker complexion and dark eyes), will I have the same reaction from onlookers when I take them places without him? That prospect doesn’t really bother me, I think I’ll be amused…

10 thoughts on “Blond, Brown and Black Hair

  1. Rachel S.

    I was talking to my (Indian) husband about the fact that Indians don’t wonder what color hair their children will have. I have blonde hair and our twins have dark brown hair with some lighter highlights and or son (only 2 months) has brownish red hair! But that could change as he gets older. They all have brown eyes.

  2. Anonymous

    My husband thought all white people were called blondes regardless of what colour their hair is. I dont know if thats a common Indian misconception or not. However when I went to India the first time, people did ask me if I dyed my hair, thinking it cant be my natural colour. My hair is very dark.

    On a side note, it seems to me most “blondes” are from a bottle anyway :D

  3. Gori Girl

    I’m 99% certain any kid of ours will come out with dark brown hair, since that’s the color of both Aditya’s and my families for generations.

  4. East Meets West: The Adventurous Housewife

    My husband *Indian* and I have been trying for a year already. Hes Indian, Im 1/2 Irish & 1/2 Native American *yes the OTHER Indian..*

    We have discussed this topic before… more than a few times.

    My birth mother was a a carrot top. Yep. Curly.. RED RED RED hair with pale skin, blue eyes, frekles, the whole Irish-to-the-core 9 yards. My birth father… Native American. Straight black hair, dark eyes. I have pale skin (some might say ‘pastey’), dark brown hair, hazel/blue/green/gold odd ball eyes, freckeles as a kid. But I started out with strawberry blond hair and pale green eyes. We wonder alot what our kids are going to look like!

    I think its really funny that there *IS* a chance that we could have a freckled red headed kid. ;) Clearly.. just becuase one parent has dark skin, black hair and dark brown eyes doesnt mean that the child will be! ;)

    I love genetics!

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