The Other End of the Line Movie

So my friend and I were scouring Blockbuster the other night – looking for a decent movie to watch while our husbands were out. I spotted the movie: “The Other End of the Line.” I was naturally drawn to it since it was a “East Marries West” type of movie - in true IndianTies fashion!

My first thought was that this might be the movie version of the book, Once Upon A Timezone. I reviewed the book a few months ago. I looked through the credits pretty closely and didn’t see any indication that it was based on the novel. So it must just be a coincidence that the plots are very similar! (Although in the movie the Indian character was the girl – in the book the Indian character was the guy).
The basic story line of the movie is the main character, Priya (Shriya Saran) works in an Indian call center. She helps an American man (Jesse Metcalfe) sort out his credit card troubles and in the process begins to fall in love with the voice on the other end of the line. When he offers a chance to meet her – she jumps at it – although he doesn’t know he’s been talking to a girl in India this whole time. She hops on a plane to see if this is her one true love but things don’t quite turn out how she expected.
My friend and I enjoyed the light-hearted story. It was slightly unrealistic – and the main thing that annoyed me was that the Indian characters just jumped on a plane to America…. Um…do they not have to get visas??? But otherwise it was a nice movie about dreams and destiny and intercultural love.
Anyone else seen the movie? What did you think?

222 thoughts on “The Other End of the Line Movie

  1. Anonymous

    well, about getting the visas part, hollywood movies show their characters globe trotting all the time….dont they need the visas ?
    …and if hollywood starts showing us the whole process 90 min wouldnt be enough !!! (for all the countries Tom Cruise visits)

  2. Naomi

    I haven’t seen it yet, BUT will add it to my list … I need “light-hearted” right now!

    Looks cute!

    Have you seen Outsourced?

    Thoughts about Delhi-6?

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