We are totally addicted to chai these days. I’ve always liked it, but in the past, I was too lazy intimidated to make it myself. My Mother-in-law makes wonderful chai for us when she visits from India. But when she wasn’t around, we just tended to go without.

My husband and I were talking a few months ago about how we’re always rushing around in the morning and never take time to connect before we start our day. So we decided to have “Chai dates” every morning before we go to work. (I’ll admit, we still don’t do

this every morning, but it is a fairly regular event now – and we both love it!)
So in order to make these “chai dates” happen, I had to…learn how to make chai. So I called up my MIL and got her recipe. After some trial and error, I think I’ve mastered it.
Here’s the recipe and a few pointers for beginners. (By the way, everyone makes chai differently – so feel free to experiment and try out new stuff!)
Equal parts: Milk & Water
Fresh Ginger (grated – 1 tsp or so)
Green cardamom pods (opened – 3-4)
Cloves (4-5)
Cinnamon sticks (1-2)
Sugar (to taste)
Loose Tea Leaves (2-3 tsp.)
I usually make chai for just the two of us, so I start out by filling one teacup full of water and one of milk (that way I know I’ll get a full 2 cups). Dump the liquids into a sauce pan and turn the heat on to medium-high.
Next, add some fresh ginger,* and all the spices. Bring to a boil.** Remove from heat. Add sugar and stir. Finally add loose tea leaves and let it brew for a minute or two until it is strong enough for your tastes. Strain out the tea leaves and spices, serve and enjoy!
*At first I added chopped up fresh ginger, but I found that you use a lot less if you grate the ginger (with a cheese grater) straight into the saucepan. Go light on the ginger until you find out how strong you like it – the first time I grated it, we had some super strong ginger-tea!
**Do not turn your back on the saucepan – the minute you do, it WILL boil over. Just ask me…
Other tips:

Cardamom pods can be tricky to open. The best method is to open it from the flatter end, not the end that is pointy. They look like a banana, but you want to open cardamom opposite than you would a banana. It is waaaay easier, let me tell you!

Use whole milk, chai will never turn out as rich as it does in India unless you use whole milk!!! (we also use non-homogenized)
Please don’t use those “chai-tea” mixes (WHY do people insist on calling it Chai-tea?? That’s like saying Tea-tea) …it is really fun and not too difficult to make chai yourself.
Other Chai resources:
A great thread in the IndianTies forums: Chai
Do you have a chai addiction? How do you get your fix? Tips – favorite recipes? We want to know!

544 thoughts on “Chai

  1. Gori Girl

    Yay for a good ginger chai recipe – I used up the last of my cardamon last week, but I’ll certainly try it out in the near future.

    Your idea of a “chai date” in the morning sounds good… but I’m not sure if we could ever find time! We both like sleeping in too much.

    (Aditya despises “chai tea” talk as well. I think I have his rant memorized now)

  2. Heather

    Hey Gori Girl,

    Let me know how you like the recipe. Do you make chai at home?

    We’re not exactly morning people either, but Chai dates give us something to look forward to at least!

    My husband’s number one rant when he came to the US was “Chai-tea” A close second is “Naan-bread” lol!

  3. D. Jain

    We make our chai what my husband says is Delhi-style, just ginger and lots of sugar! My MIL sometimes makes it with just cardamom pods, pounded with the mortar and pestle. I don’t like it with cardamom as much though.

    When Mummy was visiting she’d make chai in the morning and afternoon. She had to have chai and biscuits before even thinking of breakfast!

    I’d love to hear Aditya’s “chai tea” rant, Gori Girl! Hee hee…

  4. Gori Girl

    I’ll be sure to let you know, Heather, once we make it.

    D.Jain, the rant goes something like this:

    “What? You want to know if I’d like some chai tea? There’s no such thing as chai tea. Chai means tea. You’re saying tea tea. No, I don’t care what Starbucks calls it, calling it chai tea makes you sound like an idiot. It’s like going around talking about fish sashmi or cocoa hot chocolate. Also, the stuff called chai tea is horrible. I’d make you some real chai, but I’m too lazy.”

    Except he leaves off the lazy part as a given. :-P

  5. Di

    mmmmm, yummy! I’m going to make some right now!

    By the way, how do you keep your ginger? It seems to get mushy in my fridge after a couple days. I’ve gotten used to omitting the ginger from the tea for this reason.

    K and I laugh about tea-tea, too! :) The Tazo Chai latte at starbucks is actually pretty good – quite different but flavorful.

  6. Di

    But what I also find funny is when I’m in an Indian restaurant and I (a white american woman) order a cup of chai, the waiter takes a long pause, and I can hear this suspenseful music in the background in the conspiracy of it all, and he stumbles over his words, “you sure? indian tea? or you mean english tea? you want milk too?” Now I just say proper ‘masala chai’ to cut through the whole ‘does she realize that chai here as a standard is milky served with spices?’… it’s just “chai” on the menu. Haha

    The other day I noticed this though, that you could order “chai-tea” at one Indian restaurant and be perfectly fine and it come out with spice and milk in it:

    I’m off from work today so had a little extra time on my hands ;)

  7. Heather

    @Gori – love the rant. I’ve definitely heard a similar one a few times!

    @Di – my ginger usually lasts for a couple of weeks at least. I keep it in a plastic bag. If I notice the end that I’ve used looks like it’s going bad, I try to cut that part off with a knife.

    Another thing you can do is buy a jar of minced ginger. I keep that on hand for recipes – I’ve never tried it in chai but it would probably work…

    Depending on my mood I sometimes let my husband order for me at Indian restaurants – to avoid the spectacle that you talked about! But sometimes I like to throw the waiters off their game – yes this white girl does know what she’s talking about when it comes to Indian food!

  8. Susie

    That’s how I make it. But, when i’m lazy or out of ginger, I just use the cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks and we get the same affect. I think the real key here is LOTS of sugar :)

    Oh, and I’ve found that if I just throw a chunk of ginger in my freezer, I can grate some off frozen and keep refreezing it.

  9. Mumtaz

    Ah, chai…nectar of the gods, and my favorite beverage. It’s pretty much replaced coffee, both out of preference and necessity (I mean, Nescafe isn’t Starbucks no matter how I try to pretend it is).

    In the states, I tried making chai with the ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and my husband asked if he could have some actual tea with the spices LOL….so I curtailed the extras, and now my chai is simply made with lots of milk, lots of sugar, and cardamom. Basically, it is the following:

    Black tea (we like Brooks Bond Red Label)
    1 part water
    2 parts whole milk (fresh from the farm)
    5 or 6 crushed cardamom pods
    Sugar to taste

    Bring water, sugar, and cardamom to boil. Boil about a minute, then add the milk. When that comes to boil, shut off heat and add black tea. Stir and let sit about a minute. Strain into teapot.

    Here’s another:

    Kashmiri Kahva
    Loose kahva (I think any green tea will do?)
    6 cardamom pods, crushed
    1 stick cinnamon, broken up into small pieces
    1 almond, chopped fine

    Bring water, cinnamon, cardamom, and sugar to boil. Let boil about 5 minutes. Reduce heat to very low, and add tea. You only need a good sized pinch for about 5 cups of tea. Simmer 1 minute, shut off heat and let sit maybe another minute. Pour into cups but don’t strain it. Add some chopped almonds to each cup.

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