Fun iPhone Apps for Learning Hindi

So we are finally back from vacation! We had visitors for 2 weeks straight – but it was wonderful to get to do fun “touristy” things in the area. It took me almost a week to recover from all of the company… but stay tuned for more on that later!

I’ve been having fun with an app that I downloaded for my iPhone, called WordPower Light. It is a fun way to test your Hindi knowledge, and even pick up a few new words and phrases along the way. One great thing is that it includes the words in the Devanagari script as well as phonetically written in English. A serious student can keep up with the correct spelling – and get used to recognizing the word – while a more casual student can still play along.

Another great point is that you can listen to the word/phrase from a native speaker, then record your voice and play it back – to see how close your pronunciation is. Then you can add the words to your word bank and test your knowledge with flash cards. For a 99ยข app – it is pretty handy. They also offer a full version which is $9.99. From what I can tell – with the Lite version, you get access to one word/phrase per day, and you can choose to save them -with the full version, you get instant access to over 2,000 of the most commonly used words/phrases.
Either way, if you’re working on your Hindi – it’s a great little app to play with in your spare time! Find these apps and others by searching for “Hindi” in the iTunes App store.
Have you guys found any cool apps like these? Are they useful or just entertaining?

3 thoughts on “Fun iPhone Apps for Learning Hindi

  1. Heather

    Let us know if you find it useful Naomi! Are you just starting to learning Hindi? If so it will be a good way to find some helpful words – but some days you have to be patient and wait for a better word – like the day that the word was “ice” :-)

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