Hindi Magnetic Letters for Kids

So my baby girl is 6 months old now and I can hardly believe it! My husband and I have decided we really want to encourage her to learn Hindi from a young age. We speak English primarily in our home (even with my Mother-in-Law), so we will have to make a conscious effort to teach Miss A Hindi. My husband is doing his best to try to remember to speak to her in Hindi…and he sings a song in Hindi to her that she loves – I’ll have to try and get that on video one of these days!
To help accomplish our goal of teaching her Hindi, we have found a few resources.
  • I have copies of the Baby Hindustani DVDs in Hindi – which she’ll start watching when she gets a little bigger (at least big enough to sit up on her own!)
  • Sometimes when she wants to be held, but I am trying to get some work done for one of my graphic design clients, I will put on a YouTube channel with short Hindi cartoons. She will sit in my lap mesmerized by it for several minutes.
  • Kahani Magazine was also a great resource that I was hoping to introduce our daughter to when she got a little older – but sadly, they’ve had to stop publishing for now. I’m crossing my fingers that they will work something out – but for you you can still order back issues.
  • A new resource that I just ordered is the magnetic “Varnamala Hindi Letter Set.” I have not seen these in person yet, but I will be sure and let you know how we like them. I think they are a great idea for a young child to help them learn the Hindi letters. I’m hoping Miss A agrees!
Do you have any other resources for teaching your child a South Asian Language?
*photo above is from DiscoverBee.org

610 thoughts on “Hindi Magnetic Letters for Kids

  1. Cagey (Kelli Oliver George)

    You are lucky that learning Hindi would at least be useful! Manoj was adamant that our kids don’t need to learn Malayalem – he speaks it with virtually no one and said he’s rather they learn something they’d actually use, like Spanish.

    That said, I do a bit of my pigeon Hindi with the kids. Be sure and ask your husband to do Hickory Dickory Dock – I still love that one. Very fun to sing out loud!

  2. americanepali

    I really want my future children (if I have any) to have exposure to Nepali from a young age and my partner and I hope to raise them bilingual. Learning about toys and programs is great, feel free to pass along more tips as you discover them!

  3. jamily5

    Hi, I am totally blind. I am wondering if the hindi letters are shaped like the letters. I mean: can you feel the shape of each letter? Wow! MY bf speaks Urdu (but knows Hindi) But, if they are actually shaped, I might have to get some just to check them out myself. I know that Urdu is written quite differently than Hindi, but it is so cool to have magnetic letters in another language. How wonderfully accessible!!!!

  4. LinZi

    I know that Little Guru Skool makes young kids books and dvds to teach Hindi and English together… the website is here: http://www.littleguruskool.com/

    Also http://www.cultureforkids.com has childrens books that are bilingual in Hindi and English.

    Another good idea would be to ask your family in India to send children’s cartoon dvd from India.. there are a lot of kids cartoon movies there days (like the Hanuman cartoons, etc).

    I hope that helps! It is really exciting to be able to teach your child two languages, I really hope to do that when I have kids too! I would love to hear updates on how it is going for you guys. Those magnetic letters look interesting too, do they have the dependent vowel forms or just the basic independent vowels and consonants?

  5. Heather

    HI Jamily5 – I haven’t gotten the letters in the mail yet but from the photo it looks like they are individually shaped like the letters. I will definitely update you through this comment thread (or possibly another post) on how I like the letters once I receive them.

    LInZi – thanks for the extra resources – I will check them out – they look awesome! Thanks!

  6. Shailesh Ghimire

    I’ve created Sabda Mala – a video based language program. It teaches the Nepali alphabet – but that’s the same as the Hindi Alphabet. It focuses on reading and writing. Check it out, http://www.SabdaMala.Com – I’m thinking about doing a Hindi version but that’s not imminent.

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