Chai Survival Kit

Click to download blank recipe card.
Click to download the chai recipe card.

I recently mailed a “Chai Kit” to my favorite aunt, back home in Texas.  We got to visit her while were were home for Christmas.  While we were there, I made chai for the whole family.  Out of necessity, I outfitted my mom with all the necessary ingredients for making proper Indian chai, long ago.  My aunt saw the spice dabba,  and really liked it, and liked the homemade chai even more.  So when I got home, I decided to assemble a “Chai Kit” and mail it to her.  I included the spice dabba (I had one on hand to use as a gift), loaded with the spices that I use in my chai recipe: cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks, sugar (I told her she’d have to buy the fresh ginger herself!).  I also included some tea leaves, straight from India (courtesy of my Mother-in-Law, on her last visit).  The last item I included was the tea strainer – I picked up several packs of these on our last trip to India, but they last for quite a while (even running them through the dishwasher!)  So I had extras to complete the chai kit.  I also designed and printed off a recipe card, so she would be able to have the recipe handy.  It turned out to be a great surprise gift for my aunt – she loved it & is perfecting her chai making skills!  Who knows, maybe I can turn over the chai making responsibility to her on our next visit!  She’s planning on accompanying us to India this year, so maybe her skills will come in handy, did I mention she’s single?  Maybe she can nab her own Indian man!  ;-)

Do you “do” homemade chai – or Starbucks “chai-tea lattes”?  

For your enjoyment, I’m making my chai recipe card available for free download as well as a blank version of the card, in case you have your own special recipes you’d like to use.  Enjoy!

Have you read about my first experiences making chai?  Or about our”chai-dates”?

501 thoughts on “Chai Survival Kit

  1. Cagey (Kelli Oliver George)

    How I love fresh, home-made chai. In an odd twist of fate, I married a Malayali who lives for coffee. What the hell did I do wrong? ;-)

    I have yet to find a commercial version of chai for which I am willing to pay the big bucks. Seriously – most of them are too sweet, over-spiced and too expensive.

  2. Anjali

    I buy the chai concentrate that Starbucks uses at the grocery store. It’s still too sweet, but it’s much cheaper than going to Starbucks.

    My neighbors all make real chai, though, and I LOVE it. I may have to get started doing my own with this great recipe!

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Cyn

    I’m not a chai fan, I like my tea black and sugarless :) And I have many different flavour of tea in my house to make my cup.
    DH who is Indian like his chai with milk, no sugar and just fresh ginger added to it, though he recently tried the packaged “chai masala” you find in supermarkets across India and adds a tea spoon of the masala to his chai :)
    The only indina style chia I like is the one with all the warm spices they sell around in the snow spots and hills in Manali :)

  4. Anonymous

    Omgosh, I fell in love with chai awhile back. My boyfriends mother use to make it ever morning when we lived with her, and when we stayed with his father, and she’d come to visit. I loved it and miss it dearly. I really wouldn’t know what to look for in the stores, and wouldn’t want to waste anything. I am going to pick up on it next time she makes it though, because I don’t want to go anymore without it for breakfast. It’s just like a much better version of hot chocolate for breakfast. It’s fantastic for the winter, or the cool mornings that we always seemed to have in the valley in California, or up north near the bay. <3

  5. Jorie

    I love everything about chai, all the spices, the frothy boiling, the fancy cooling of pouring it between pots, dunking chapati or cookies into it and the taste it leaves in your mouth.

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