Indian Street Food: Enjoying Fresh Coconut

Miss A had a fabulous time in India!  It was still pretty hot while we were there.  To get some relief from the heat, and to keep hydrated we stopped several times for fresh coconut water right on the street.  If you’ve never experienced this before, you pay around Rs. 12 (depending on the location!) for the lady to use a machete to whack the top off of a young coconut.  Then she inserts a straw.  You drink all the coconut water and then give it back to the lady.  She will then use the machete to whack the coconut in half lengthwise.  Then she will use some of the shell to loosen the meat of the coconut from both halves.  She’ll put all the meat into one half of the coconut and give it back to you to eat the tasty young coconut meat.

Try not to think too hard about this – just go with the flow.  Of course her cart and machete aren’t sterilized.  Of course she didn’t use hand sanitizer to sanitize her hands before handling the coconut or the straws (which have been laying there in the open air all day long).  Of course her hands touch the meat of the coconut when she’s scooping it out for you.  But hey, you don’t get the chance to do this every day back home, right?  We’re pretty relaxed and happily enjoyed it and Miss A did too.  No tummy trouble for us.  I hope you’ll be just as lucky if you get the chance!

By the way…
Coconuts are an amazing food.  All parts of the coconut are so healthy for you from the coconut water (the latest health fad in the US), to the coconut meat, to coconut oil.  If you google just about any ailment and “coconut oil” you’ll come up with claims that coconut oil can heal the problem.  Seriously.  There must be some truth to it!

How about you? Have you tried any street food in India?  Are you nervous about it or do you just close your eyes and go with it?  Ever heard about the health benefits of coconuts?  Do tell!

224 thoughts on “Indian Street Food: Enjoying Fresh Coconut

  1. Kayla

    Miss A is so adorable! Aj wouldn’t let me eat street food during my trip. It was HORRIBLE walking by the carts, smelling the chaat and not being able to eat it! But during Aj’s trips to India, he often gets an upset stomach from the street food so I know I would probably get sick. Next time I’ll have to go for a coconut though since I LOVE fresh coconuts.

  2. Heather

    Thanks Kayla, It is good to be choosy about street food… My MIL is very picky about what we eat in India…. She doesn’t like us to eat street food (especially with Miss A!) But even she gave in to the coconuts :-)

    I always wanted to try fresh pressed sugar cane juice, but never did b/c of being scared to have it off the side of the road… however they have these new machines that are completely hygienic that press the sugarcane and dispense it as a drink for you – so cool and so refreshing (it even chills it for you!) I think the one we saw was at a Big Bazaar store.

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