Modeling: the new family business

You might remember that my mother-in-law has done some modeling work in the past. While were visiting India recently, the photographer that she works with stopped by the house… he was looking for some kids and a grandmother to model for his shoot the following day.  He took one look at Miss A and her two older cousins and offered them the job.

We actually debated on whether or not they should do it.  We thought it would be fun, but we only had a limited number of days with family and this photo shoot would take the whole day!  We finally decided to let them do it, not because of the money they would get paid, but because the photographer agreed to take a formal family photo for us.  Getting a nice “frame-worthy” family photo was on my list of priorities while we were in India, so this was a great opportunity – getting a professional photographer to do it for free?  Sign me up!!

I was curious to see how an Indian photo shoot would be.  I am a graphic designer and have worked for a couple of different magazines in North America, so I have seen my fair share of photo shoots.  We had to drive over an hour to get to the location.  The photo shoot was to advertise new apartments that are for sale. I was very impressed with how the shoot was handled.  There were many assistants, an older man who was playing the role of the grandfather, my MIL who was the grandmother, and two other children who were models, in addition to Miss A and her two older cousins.  Miss A was the youngest by far!  The photographer had a list of shots he wanted to get… they included the kids playing and posing on the bed in the bedroom (pictured above), a birthday scene, a balcony scene with the grandparents, a shopping scene (pictured at left) and some outdoor shots.  He kept things moving very quickly so there was very little “down time.”  The photographer’s assistants had all of the props well organized.  They also provided lunch for the whole crew.

Miss A wasn’t in all of the scenes, because of her age, but they used her as the one who cut the cake for the birthday scene,  she did well until they started spraying foam confetti EVERYWHERE  and the photographer was shouting “Give me MORE!” (referring to the confetti).  It scared Miss A so badly, she burst into tears… although he kept shooting!  After she recovered from that, she got to sit in the shopping cart – where they got some cute shots of her.  All together it was a fun day!

I was also very impressed with the apartment complex we were shooting.  This is beautiful new construction and very high-end living!  They have a grocery store at the bottom, which you can see is stocked very well.  The grounds were also beautiful.  I could live there for sure!  Too bad we didn’t get a discount on an apartment for doing the photo shoot!

Since I’m sure you’re wondering….the kids got paid Rs. 2500 each (around $55) and the adults got paid Rs. 5000 (around $110).  Not too bad, I suppose?  It was Miss A’s first paycheck – in Rupees!  And I got my family photo – which I LOVE and can’t wait to pick out the perfect frame, I already have the perfect spot reserved on my wall!

*The photos above are not the professional photos, these were snapped with my iPhone while I observed the shoot.  The family photo is the one provided to us by the photographer.  Please do not copy or reproduce any of the images posted on this blog.

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