Homemade Dried Ginger


I’ve been putting my dehydrator to good use lately… I love to use it for making yogurt and dehydrating ginger.  Why you might ask? Well, my husband might be the one from India, but he is not the only one who likes homemade chai every morning!  I like to mix chai spices “masala” together ahead of time to add to our tea as it’s brewing on the stove. Ginger is a nice addition. If it is dried – it can be added to the spice mixture and it saves me a step when I’m stumbling around the kitchen first thing in the morning!


There really is no “recipe” to share – I simply used my mandoline and sliced the ginger at the thinnest setting. I didn’t even bother peeling the ginger. {I hate peeling ginger!!} Then I spread the slivers of ginger around my dehydrator tray and set it to about 125º and left it for about 6 hours. Check it to make sure it is completely dry – if not, then continue for another hour or two. Finally store it in an airtight container in a cool dark place!


If you are looking for a way to fuel your chai addiction at home check out my recipe. If you want to know why NOT to call it “chai-tea” or would like to download a free recipe card printable, check out this post.

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