Do you blog about your Desi (South Asian) intercultural relationship?

If you answered yes then join now to link your blog to DesiLink Blogs!

There is a great community of bloggers who are in intercultural Desi relationships. This is a way that we can all stay connected and expand our community, as well as increase traffic to individual sites.


Here's what you need to know...

DesiLink Blogs is a ring for blogs or frequently updated websites about intercultural relationships with a South Asian twist. Bloggers who share stories and resources related to their interracial or cross-cultural marriage or relationship where one partner is a "Desi" - from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or other country in Southern Asia. Since "intercultural relationship" is a broad term, we also welcome bloggers who are expats, living in one of these Southern Asian countries - where you blog about how you live and relate to the "Desi" community you live in.

Rules for membership in the ring

If you maintain a blog or website devoted to a "Desi" intercultural relationship, or are an expat in a Southern Asian country, please join!

In order to optimize the user experience, this ring will be maintained and checked frequently, so any broken links or blogs which do not meet the above requirements will be removed or denied.


How to join DesiLink Blogs

To join the ring, click here. You'll get a site ID and I'll get an e-mail saying you've joined. If you find the processing of joining tricky please email me, and I can sign you up or walk you through it.

After you join, copy and paste the code that is emailed to you into a widget for your blog sidebar. Please remember to check your spam folder in case you do not receive your email.

The code must be pasted exactly as it is sent to you - please do not change the code. Since not everyone is a HTML wizzard - feel free to contact me if you have trouble installing the code or if your sidebar is less than 150 px wide.



If your e-mail address or site URL changes, if you are going on a blog vacation or just don't want to be in the ring anymore, let me know, please. Also, if you find a dead link in the ring, contact me right away.



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