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Meryl Davis and Charlie White Bollywood-style Ice Dancing

I thought you might be interested in this Ice Dancing routine, performed by USA Ice Dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White. They took first place at the 2009 Rostelecom Cup with this routine. The routine is “Original dance: (Indian Folk Dance) “Kajra Re” by Shankar-Ehseen-Loy, ” Slislla Ye Chaahat Ka” and “Dola Re Dola” by Sameer, Nusret Badr.”
It is interesting to see more and more Indian culture making its way into the mainstream. If you’d like to find out more about Meryl Davis and Charlie White, you can check out their official website. Hopefully we’ll see them in our own backyard in February at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Well actually they might be in our backyard, but we’ll probably be watching them from our living room since we won’t be dragging our newborn out to watch olympic ice-dancing (Indian or otherwise!).

First IndianTies Blog Giveaway!

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Some of you might remember my earlier post (find it here), where I reviewed the workout DVD Bollywood Burn, by Hemalayaa. Well, the kind people over at Acacia contacted me and offered to sponsor a contest right here on the IndianTies website! They will be giving away 5 copies of Hemalayaa’s latest DVD, Bollywood Booty! Be sure and check out the contest rules below…

They also sent me some of Hemalayaa’s other workout DVDs (Beautiful Belly, The Bollywood Dance Workout & Dance of the Kama Sutra). I have to admit, these are really fun, and totally addicting! So enter the contest at your own risk!

Bollywood Booty consists of a warm-up routine, 4 booty-burning dance workouts, a cool-down, and a bonus classical Indian dance. A great feature to the video is that you can opt to turn off the instruction, once you have mastered the moves, and just enjoy the music & dancing! Hemalayaa’s infectious personality shines through Bollywood Booty, and her other DVDs. So what are you waiting for? Enter for your chance to win today! Be sure and check out Hemalayaa’s other great workout DVDs as well (click here)!

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Cheetah Girls: One World

Everywhere I turn these days, I see India’s influence on the West. Indian restaurants are becoming more mainstream, yoga is “cool”, and now Disney goes Bollywood!

In August, a classic Disney made-for-TV movie debuted with an Indian twist. In the Cheetah Girls: One World, the wanna-be pop star trio are offered parts in a Indian movie, so they jet off to India – only to discover there is only one role. The rest of the movie is about their friendship being put to the test and how they decide their friendship is more important than fame.

Even though I knew the target audience for this movie was pre-teen and teen girls, I decided to tune in to the movie the night it came out – mainly because I was curious to see how true to life it would be. Overall I’d say it was well-done. I enjoyed, the Indian setting, and the costumes and some of the song and dance numbers as well. The plot was a typical for a teen movie. However, it is amazing that even on the Disney channel, you find American girls falling for Indian boys! :-)

If you saw the movie, let me know what you thought. If you missed the movie, I’m sure that Disney will replay it. Or for a quick peek at one of the most elaborate songs in the movie, click here. I also enjoyed exploring the official One World website – click here to check it out.

A Bollywood Workout

Everyone loves a good Bollywood movie, right? Is it the romance, the plot… or the song & dance routines? If you ask me – it has to be the dancing! What would Bollywood be without it? If you’ve ever secretly danced along to one of Shah Rukh Khan’s numbers in your living room, you just might be ready to take the next step: Bollywood dance workouts! Personally I’m not much of a dancer – but even I find this new workout series intriguing!

So if you think you can keep up – check out Bollywood Burn:

Bollywood Burn with Hemalayaa

Spice up your workout and boogie to the bhangra beat. Fitness star and yogini Hemalayaa leads you through three 15-minute programs inspired by the sassy, sexy moves seen in hit Indian films. The first gets you in the groove, the second ups the cardio, and the third has you shimmying like a Bollywood film beauty. Tone your core, hips, and thighs, lose weight, dance away stress, and have fun. For all fitness and experience levels.

If you want to find out more, see this preview on YouTube, or check out Ellen DeGeneres dancing along with Hemalayaa! If you’re ready to get your copy, you can find it here!