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Eating out in India

This looks like a fun blog to dig into… Eating Out in Delhi.

“While Delhi offers a bewildering array of eating joints, there is a tendency in the media to focus on those which make commercial sense to the media mogul, but which regrettably often make little sense to those looking for value for money and plain good taste. Consequently, most of us don’t even get to hear about the many unpretentious places which thankfully, still abound in Delhi, and which — whether elegant hotels or simple streetside stalls — offer a truly rewarding experience to the foodie who is willing to venture away from the beaten path. Eating Out in Delhi is thus an attempt to discover and share the hidden gems of Delhi’s food scene…”

It makes me wish I were in Delhi! I think I’d try Sancho’s Mexican Restaurant first – I’ve tried local Mexican restaurants in both Hyderabad and Bangalore.

I’ll be the first to admit that they weren’t your typical Tex-Mex that I know and love, but after suffering Mexican food withdrawals while I lived in India – both places tasted pretty good to me! I did discover that I preferred the rice and beans to the Indian-ized enchiladas, etc.

But I hear India is coming up in the world of Mexican fast food. According to this report Taco Bell is opening its doors soon. It was only natural since it is a sister company of Pizza Hut and KFC – both of which are mega hits in India. I’ve always thought that Taco Bell would do well in India, it is similar enough to Indian food (think tortillas = chapattis) and can be easily adapted for vegetarians. I half way expect to be ordering a Maharaja Quesadilla by this time next year…

Understanding Indian English

If you are in an Indian intercultural relationship, or if you have plans to visit India anytime soon, you might expect that you can communicate effectively by just knowing English. That might be true – but only up to a point. There are a few differences, especially if you speak American English. Because of it’s history as a British colony, India has retained the British use of many English words. In addition to British words, there are some Indian expressions that are unique to India.

In the beginning of our marriage, I found myself having to “translate” for my husband at times. Now, he has learned most of the American words for things, but on occasion I still have to poke him in the ribs when our friends look a little perplexed at something he’s just said! Of course, when we’re in India, he gets his turn to make fun of me too!

I thought it would be fun to make a list of a few of these words. The Indian use of the word is on the left, and the American meaning is on the right. If you have any words to add, please leave a comment!

  • Auto – Auto Rickshaw
  • Biscuits – Cookies
  • Bunk – Strike, Absent without Permission
  • Cool Drink – Soda
  • Crore – 100 Lakhs – 10 Million (1,00,00,000)
  • Dickie or Boot – Trunk of A Car
  • Dustbin – Trash Can
  • English-Medium –Schools Taught in English
  • Flat – Apartment
  • Flyover – Overpass (Highway)
  • Football – Soccer
  • French Beard – Goatee
  • Fringe – Bangs (Hair)
  • Full Stop – Period (Punctuation)
  • Geezer – Hot Water Heater/Tank
  • Hash Mark – Pound Sign (#)
  • Holiday – Vacation
  • Homely – Someone who is Domesticated
  • Indicator – Blinker/Turn Signal (Car)
  • Lakh – 1,00,000
  • Lift – Elevator
  • Met with an Accident – Had An Accident
  • Nappy/Nappy Pad – Baby’s Diaper
  • Petrol Bunk – Gas Station
  • Queue – Line
  • Ring-Up – To Call Someone
  • Rubber – Eraser
  • To Let/To Hire – To Rent
  • Torch – Flashlight
  • Windscreen – Windshield
  • Zip – Zipper