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Tuesday’s Tip: What goes with Tandoori Turkey?

I got inspired by yesterday’s post about Thanksgiving dinner with an Indian twist. I began to wonder, what can I serve with the Tandoori Turkey that will stand up to the strong flavors…
After some research, here are a few ideas I’ve found to help complete Thanksgiving Indian style:
I’m definitely going to try a cranberry chutney recipe and a pumpkin curry! When I was carving pumpkins for Halloween, my MIL asked me if I was going to use any for pumpkin curry. I had never heard of such a dish, but now I think I must try it!

Fall is here!

Fall is here! The first day of fall was technically September 22nd, but today just felt like fall!
For most of my life, I’ve lived in warm climates (Texas & India), with not much difference between the seasons. Currently, my husband and I live in the Pacific Northwest. I’m not a fan of all the rain, but I think the stunning fall colors are make up for the unfavorable winter weather! The photo above is a tree in our yard. I love the vivid colors!
We’ve been blessed to have so many varied experiences in our married life. I think when you live in a place that is different from where you grew up, you really learn to appreciate things that you otherwise might take for granted. Days like today, I remember that we have the best of both worlds!