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Christmas Tree Indian Style

We finally got our Christmas tree! We were really excited this year, because we got to go and cut down our own tree. This was something new for both of us. Coming from Texas, I’ve always been used to artificial trees, and my husband, coming from India, was used to a very different variety of fir tree.

The first photo is a close up of our decorated tree, which is decorated with handmade paper mache ornaments from Kashmir and ribbon from India. The ornaments all have a gold, black and red color scheme and come in all different sizes. They are my absolute favorite & I am always excited to pull them out each year. It is nice to add some touches from India into our annual family traditions. Now I just need to decide if I should make curry for Christmas dinner…

DIY: Homemade Paper Christmas Star Lanterns

While I lived in India, I discovered that you can tell who is celebrating Christmas by the big, colorful star shaped paper lanterns that are hung outside homes and shops. While Christians only make up 2.3% of the total population, Christmas is becoming more and more widely celebrated.
These stars are really beautiful – they are available in every shape, color and size imaginable! I brought some home with me, however, I recently decided to try making my own. I thought I’d share with anyone who is interested how to make these beautiful lanterns and celebrate Christmas Indian style! Plus… it helps make my husband feel at home when we’re far from his home during the holidays! :-)
These stars can be made in all colors, shapes and sizes. Small ones work great for homemade Christmas tree ornaments, while large ones look great hanging from the ceiling or on your front porch! I’ll share a pattern and instructions for how to make your own 5-pointed star. If you want different sizes, just enlarge the pattern… (or you could even modify it to add more points to your star – get creative!)

You will need, glue, scissors, paper (your choice of colors, weight), string or ribbon, and a some sort of light to light up the lantern.
2. Cut out 2 identical stars from the pattern.
3. Fold the pattern along all the dotted lines & glue the flaps to the inside wall of the opposite side (leave one flap unglued until you insert your light).
4. While still folded, cut out openings in any design you like for the light to shine through. (similar to how you’d make an old fashioned paper snowflake)
5. Tie a string or ribbon to suspend your lantern.
6. Enjoy your handiwork & allow all your friends to “ooh” and “aah” over your creation!
P.S. You also sometimes see these lanterns (and similar ones) during the Diwali festival in India.

Indian Decor

Through the years we’ve been married, I have collected many Indian-inspired decorations – some from our trips to India, and other things were found locally. I love to decorate our house with anything that reminds me of India. I think it’s a nice touch that highlights our intercultural marriage.
I can’t help but notice many Indian-inspired decorations in stores across the USA. Often times if you look to see where something is made, it is imported from India. I have a hard time paying full price for most of these items – only because I know how much cheaper it would be in India! :-) So I try to keep a list of things that I want to pick up on our next trip – or have my MIL pick up before she comes for a visit.
I went through our house and snapped photos of some of our Indian decor. I hope you enjoy & maybe even get some inspiration! I also have some beautiful hand-painted paper mache Kashmiri Christmas decorations – I’ll try to post a picture of those once we get our tree this year!
Above: Our silk Indian bedspread – from Spencer’s Plaza in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The bolster pillow was made by my aunt – from one of my first sarees! The smallest pillow in the front was purchased separately from the set and we used it as our ring bearer’s pillow in our wedding!

Above: The table runner is from Nepal (a very common style, available across India). The recipe box was a wedding gift (filled with lots of tried and true recipes) and the tea boxes are from Sri Lanka.

Above: The dishes are my favorite I found them at Target & at Ross (score!), the table runner was a gift from my husband’s cousin, from Fab India – love that store! The serving dishes are stainless steel and have copper bottoms – they are from Big Bazaar in India.

Above: The lamp is from the States, a store called Tuesday Mornings, the elephant is also from the USA, and the bamboo plant was a get-well gift for my husband when he had his appendix taken out! The rug is from a local hand-craft shop in Hyderabad (it’s made with vegetable dye & natural fibers).