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Join in on the fun – Link your blog to DesiLink Blog Ring!

I wanted to tell everyone about a new project I’ve been working on. See that new little banner in my sidebar?  Introducing… DesiLink Blogs!
I LOVE to read all of your blogs about your Desi intercultural relationships… but sometimes I come across a new blog that I wasn’t even aware was out there.  It is hard to keep up with all these great sites.  So I thought it would be great to have a central hub or blog list where we could all find each other!  Through the banner, visitors will be able to navigate directly from blog to blog with the “previous” and “next” buttons.  It will potentially increase traffic to everyone’s site as well as make us more visible.   I hope you guys like the idea too.  
DesiLink Blog Ring is open to bloggers who share stories and resources related to their cross-cultural relationship – where one partner is a “Desi” – from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or other country in Southern Asia.  

Since “intercultural relationship” is a broad term, I’m also opening it up to  bloggers who are expats, living in one of the Southern Asian countries – who blog about living and relating to the “Desi” community you live in.
So it is pretty easy to get your blog listed… visit this link to sign up and find out all about the DesiLink blog ring – and spread the word!

Download Free English Fonts That Look Like Hindi and Urdu!

I’m a graphic designer, and I love great fonts (especially free font downloads!)  How about you? Do you collect fun fonts?  You never know when cool “Hinglish” fonts like these will come in handy!  Why not download them now so you’ll have them on hand for that party invitation or craft project you’ve been working on?

Click here for other Arabic/Urdu fonts.

Not sure how to install fonts on your system?  It’s not too hard at all!  Click here to install Windows fonts… and here to learn how to install Mac fonts.

DIY Indian Inspired Gift Boxes

Shala over at “Don’t Eat the Paste” has created a truly inspired little gift box. The pattern reminds me of Indian Rangoli or Mehendi designs. These boxes could be a great DIY project for an Indian themed event… I’m thinking wedding favors, birthday party giveaways, even cute little gift boxes for that pair of earrings you picked up on your last trip to Southern Asia. The possibilities are endless – thank you Shala! Hope you guys can find some uses for them too!

A new look

I decided it was time for a face-lift for the IndianTies blog. As a graphic designer, other projects always come before my own… but after a year of the same layout, it was time for change!
I’ve widened the layout (which will allow for larger photos with each post), simplified the sidebar, and added navigation bars above and below the new header image. There is a handy search box right at the top of the page to help you find what you’re looking for. I’ll probably keep tweaking things, so check back again soon!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

New Design in a new Zazzle Shop!

I’ve moved the IndianTies shop to Zazzle. They have some great features – such as allowing customers to customize products (changing the style or color of a shirt and more!). I think you will all like the new shop. I am working on new designs, and I’ve imported a few of the old favorites as well. So stop by and let me know what you think! As always, I take requests and I’m happy to personalize anything with your name – just send me an email!

Shirt pictured above is the new “India-pendence Shirt” (India’s Independence Day is coming up on August 15! Now is the time to buy) Or you can go for this understated button design (below).

Reviving the IndianTies Shop

I decided to bring the IndianTies Shop back to life! I’m hoping that I get inspired to roll out some new designs in the near future. The “namaste” girl has been my best seller, so I decided to make a “namaste” boy to go along with it. I hope you guys enjoy!
If you have any requests for designs or to see current designs on different products/sizes – shoot me an email!
Happy shopping!

DIY: Homemade Paper Christmas Star Lanterns

While I lived in India, I discovered that you can tell who is celebrating Christmas by the big, colorful star shaped paper lanterns that are hung outside homes and shops. While Christians only make up 2.3% of the total population, Christmas is becoming more and more widely celebrated.
These stars are really beautiful – they are available in every shape, color and size imaginable! I brought some home with me, however, I recently decided to try making my own. I thought I’d share with anyone who is interested how to make these beautiful lanterns and celebrate Christmas Indian style! Plus… it helps make my husband feel at home when we’re far from his home during the holidays! :-)
These stars can be made in all colors, shapes and sizes. Small ones work great for homemade Christmas tree ornaments, while large ones look great hanging from the ceiling or on your front porch! I’ll share a pattern and instructions for how to make your own 5-pointed star. If you want different sizes, just enlarge the pattern… (or you could even modify it to add more points to your star – get creative!)

You will need, glue, scissors, paper (your choice of colors, weight), string or ribbon, and a some sort of light to light up the lantern.
2. Cut out 2 identical stars from the pattern.
3. Fold the pattern along all the dotted lines & glue the flaps to the inside wall of the opposite side (leave one flap unglued until you insert your light).
4. While still folded, cut out openings in any design you like for the light to shine through. (similar to how you’d make an old fashioned paper snowflake)
5. Tie a string or ribbon to suspend your lantern.
6. Enjoy your handiwork & allow all your friends to “ooh” and “aah” over your creation!
P.S. You also sometimes see these lanterns (and similar ones) during the Diwali festival in India.

Announcing… The New IndianTies Shop!

The new IndianTies shop is now open for business! You’ll find apparel for all members of your family (including your pooch!). More great designs and products will be debuting every week – so make sure to check back often.
If you have any ideas or something special you’d like to see – shoot me an email or leave a comment below! I hope you enjoy! Click here to visit the new IndianTies Shop!