Jharkhand's Jewels

Jharkhand's Jewels

If you travel to Eastern India, you want to be sure that Jharkhand is on your list of places to visit!

Jharkhand is an Eastern Indian state whose capitol is Ranchi, but, unlike most states, they also have a sub-capitol in Dumka! Jharkhand shares its borders with the states of West Bengal (East), Chhattisgarh (West), Uttar Pradesh (Northwest), and Bihar (North). It is well known for its waterfalls, hills and holy places (and food - like most places in India, we can’t forget the food!)

Before British rule, Jharkhand was actually know as Kukara. The name was officially changed in 1765. It got this name because Jharkhand translates to “the land of jungles/forests”, which is a pretty fair descriptor here! 

That's not a view I would be upset to wake up and see! 

If you want to greet the locals in Jharkhand, “Pranam” is considered the best choice.


Here it is written in Magadhi, which is the language of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Obviously, as shown before, Jharkhand is surrounded by a variety of cultures, so there are many languages spoken, but (just in case you happen to be there), this is a safe bet for greeting folks. 

One of the more famous natural wonders of Jharkhand is its waterfalls. Dassam Falls is one major attraction. Beautiful and refreshing, the falls got their name from a version of the word “Da:song”, a Mundari word that translates to “the act of pouring water” The falls are an impressive 144 feet high, and although the clear water is enticing, tourists are encouraged not to try to swim there because there is a very strong current. It’s best to stand back and take in the beauty & listen to the way the sound of the falling water fills the entire area.

Another major sight seeing gem is the National Park. In Betla National Park, you will see quite a variety of indigenous animals. There is even an area that is specifically a tiger sanctuary called Palamau Tiger Reserve.


After you've taken in the beauty of the waterfalls and seen all of the impressive animals in the National Park, there are many temples and holy places to visit. 


Shikharji Jain Temple, also known as Sammed or Sammet Shikharji is known as a tremendously sacred site. In fact, it is a place for a holy pilgrimage. It is definitely not a place you will just happen upon. It is located on Parasnath hill, the highest mountain in the state of Jharkhand! 
Rajrappa Mandir, also called Chhinnamastika, is another holy pilgrimage site in the Ramgarh district of Jharkhand. 
Whether you are wanting to see wildlife, architecture, spiritual sites, or natural beauty, Jharkhand has you covered. This is just one more jewel of India! It seems like it doesn't matter if we focus on Northern India, Eastern India, or really any location, the country is full of surprising beauty and deep heritage. I'm ready to book a flight! How about you??
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