Download Free English Fonts That Look Like Hindi and Urdu!

What's not to love about fonts inspired by Indian scripts? Hindi is written in the Devanagari script and Urdu is written in the Arabic script, but these cool fonts add a fun India-inspired look to English - great for birthday party invitations, Indian wedding invitations, or other fun projects.  
If you are interested in learning Hindi, I have a tracing resource available for instant download in my shop - check it out here!
Samarkan by Titivillus Foundry (my favorite!)
Devanagarish by Tamon Yahagi
English Font Looks Like Arabic Urdu Free Download
Click here for other Arabic/Urdu fonts.

Not sure how to install fonts on your system?  It's not too hard at all!  Click here to install Windows fonts... and here to learn how to install Mac fonts.
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