Get outdoors in Odisha!

Get outdoors in Odisha!

Whether it's journeying to a temple site, attending a cultural festival, or basking in the beauty of the beaches, outdoors is where you want to be in the state of Odisha.  

Odisha is an Indian state formerly known as Orissa. It is known for its tribal cultures and its many ancient Hindu temples - in fact, the capital, Bhubaneswar, is home to hundreds of temples and is known as “The Temple City of India”. Odisha has a wide range of tourist attractions, from coastlines and cultural celebrations to pilgrimage sites, that attract visitors worldwide.




Some of the most famous and highly visited temples are the Lord Jagannath Temple, Rajarani Temple, and the Lingaraja Temple.  

Located in Puri, the Jagannath Temple is one of the most sacred temples in India and is dedicated to Jagannath, an incarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu. It is also the venue of the famous Rath Yatra festival.

The Lingaraja Temple complex, dating to the 11th century, is set around sacred Bindusagar Lake and is one of the largest temples in all of Odisha and the most prominent tourist attraction in the state. 

The Rajarani Temple (also called Indraswara), unlike most other temples in the state, is not dedicated to one particular deity. It is believed to have been a shrine for Shiva, but there are no shrines to any deities inside the temple.

Odisha’s gorgeous beaches and beautiful architecture entice visitors and locals alike. The Puri Beach Festival and the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath attract huge crowds every year to the state. 

The Rajarani Music Festival promotes the major classical music traditions of India. Performances by well-known Odissi (traditional music and dance style) and Hindustani vocal and music maestros bring the architectural beauty of the Rajarani temple alive.

The Mukteshwar Dance Festival concentrates exclusively on Odissi dance. It features solo, duet and group Odissi performances by young and senior artists and takes place at the 1,100 year old Mukteshwar Temple, which is one of the smallest temples in Bhubaneshwar.

Apart from its temples and beaches, Odisha has other tourist attractions like the the Hirakud Dam (one of the longest dams in the world), and the Nandankanan Zoological Park.  There is no shortage of sights, sounds, and structures to appreciate in the state of Odisha. Regardless of your interests, you will find that being outdoors in Odisha is one of the most memorable, culturally immersive, and beautiful experiences.


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