Getting to know Shimla

Getting to know Shimla

I’m not sure where you all live, but I’m in Texas, and let me tell you, Texas knows hot weather. It sometimes makes me wish we had somewhere to escape the heat for a while.  In India, people share in this less than ideal temperature conundrum, and they have the right idea - they have places called “hill stations”. Hill stations are towns in the low mountains (so they have a much cooler climate) that are popular as places to escape to during the hot seasons. Shimla is one of those towns, located in the Himalayan foothills, and it is the setting for December’s Christmas themed mystery letter! Ravi is writing to your kids and telling them all about his new experiences while he and his family are in Shimla, so we wanted to share a few things with you about this historic hill station. 

During British rule, Shimla was named the “Summer Capital” (another version of knowing that it’s time to relocate when the heat gets to be too much), and after India’s independence, it eventually became the Capital of Himachal Pradesh.

Over the years, more and more people have caught on to how beautiful and special Shimla is, and now it has become quite the tourist attraction - so popular that studies show there is an increase in pollution / a decrease in air quality because so many tourists frequent the area! 

Check out some of these gorgeous sights and locales that can only be found in Shimla.

Entrance to Jakhu Temple. This temple is situated on Jakhu Hill, Shimla's highest peak (Shimla is situated on 7 Himalayan hills). This is one of many temples that can be found in Shimla. 


Chadwick Falls. Locals say the best time to visit the falls is during monsoon season (July through September). This is because the monsoons increase the water flow of the falls and that impacts the vegetation around it. More water means more growth, greener plants, and even more breathtaking surroundings. 


Christ Church is the second oldest church in North India and is one of the most popular and recognizable tourist attractions in Shimla. It can be found at the beginning of the infamous mall road.


Mall Road is a famous area in Shimla. Full of a variety of shops, it is the major shopping area and serves as a local hangout.


Himalayan Bird Park, or Himalayan Aviary showcases many exotic birds as well as birds that can only be found in the Himalayas.


Indian Institute of Advanced Studies was originally built while India was under British rule and was the home of the Viceroy until, after achieving independence, it became the summer retreat for the Indian President, and was finally changed to be the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies to promote arts and humanities.
Shimla is a gorgeous town, rich in history, and great in temperature! It is no wonder so many people, from Colonial leaders and entire government bodies to today's tourists, have chosen it as a place of escape.


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