Introducing: IndianTies Mystery Letters Monthly Subscription!

indian ties mystery letters kids detective game subscription


We are so excited to introduce this fun and engaging monthly subscription for kids!  Each month the child will get a fun letter package in the mail. The goal is for kids to explore India, connect with the culture, and solve mysteries along the way.  The letters will be from their fictitious pen-pal who is traveling around India with his family.  They will describe the various places in India that they visit and at each destination there is a mystery that unfolds along the way.  The letters introduce the location and the mystery, the suspects, and include several clue cards for the child to crack the case.  We also include a fun paper craft or game as well as the answer/conclusion letter.  Your child can play along as fast or as slow as they want to.  They will also get a souvenir postcard for each location, to help them remember what they've learned and where they have {virtually} visited!  

You'll want to sign your child up right away, as space is currently limited and when we sell out the subscription will close.  If it is currently closed, please add your name to our waitlist - we will let you know when we open subscriptions up again!  



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