Need Ideas for India-Inspired Costumes for Desi Kids?

Need Ideas for India-Inspired Costumes for Desi Kids?

Whether it's for a fancy dress party, Halloween or a school project, these Desi-inspired kid's costume ideas are sure to give you some inspiration!

Do you have any traditions for Halloween? Do you hand out candy and check out all of the characters that show up at your door? Have you and your friends and family coordinated costumes for some social media worthy photos?  Maybe you walk the neighborhood with your family looking at all of the other costumes and filling up on treats, or maybe you entertain yourself seeing the creative dress that people show up in to your local Fall Festival.  Whatever this day looks like for you and your family, costumes are probably at the center of it. We love opportunities for kids to have fun and embrace their creativity and imaginations (especially if India can be tied into it!), but finding just the right look can be time consuming, and who wants to be dressed in the same costume as every other kid on the block?  So, we decided to show you a few ideas for costumes that fit right along with Ravi, his sister Devi, and all things India! Check out the links and let us know what your crew ends up looking like! 

Gandhi-ji Costume, DIY or Readymade:

Do you think you have the right outfit, but just need a few details to finish it out? Well, if Gandhi is your goal, then we have found the glasses and bald cap that will sell the look! (Bonus points if your child can recite a Gandhi quote while in costume!)

Like the idea of Gandhi but you need a little more than just the props? Don't worry. There's a complete Gandhi costume that you just put on and go!

Indira Ghandi Costume:

We don't want to leave the girls out! Does your young lady want to represent a Gandhi? How about Indira Gandhi, the only female Prime Minister in India's history so far?

Mother Theresa Costume:

There's always Mother Teresa; while she's not a native of India, she sure did a lot of amazing things in the country!


Bollywood Star Costume Idea:

Is Bollywood more the style your daughter wants to go for? She can sing and dance her heart out in this costume!


India Cricket Player Costume:

We can't leave out our athletes! Cricket player to the rescue! 


Mira the Royal Detective Costume:

Is your little girl crazy about Mira, Royal Detective? Then look no further!


Bonus points: IndianTies Mystery Characters, Ravi & Devi Costumes!

Do your kids love reading about what Ravi & Devi are up to each month? What better way to show their excitement than to become the characters! Depending on your child's imagination, we think this could make an excellent Ravi, but we can't forget the magnifying glass to reinforce his mystery solving persona! 

What about Devi? Does your daughter have a vision of what she looks like? Of course, she needs a magnifying glass too!  Ask your children what Ravi and Devi look like in their mind - you could even have them draw what they see in their head when they read Ravi and Devi's stories. We'd love to see what they come up with!

What other India-inspired costume ideas do you have?

No matter how your family ends up dressing, we want to see the results! Watch our social media posts for opportunities to show off the amazing costumes we are sure you will have! 

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