3 Benefits of Gifting Your Child IndianTies Mystery Letters!

3 Benefits of Gifting Your Child IndianTies Mystery Letters!

Ask yourself these questions and see how many relate to your family.

Is your child in front of a screen more than you'd like? Do you wish there was a fun activity for your child(ren) that they looked forward to each month? Is getting packages in the mailbox exciting for your kiddos? Would you like to have a themed craft for your kids sent directly to your home?  

(Are we checking any boxes so far?)  

Does your child love solving mysteries? Do you want to provide an activity that engages their critical thinking skills while they are having fun? Is it important to your family to keep a connection to India in your kids' lives? 

If you answered "yes" to a few of these, you may want to consider a monthly subscription to IndianTies Mystery Letters!  These beautifully designed 2 page letters, the craft that accompanies it, the postcard focusing on that month's region, and the mystery contained in the letters from Ravi, our American-born Indian friend who has returned to India with his family to visit many fascinating destinations, will engage and shape your children in so many ways.

It will: 

1. Ignite their imaginations

IndianTies Mystery Letters are like a portal to a world of imagination. Whether your child has actually been to India or not, the images will come alive and the landmarks will plant themselves in their memories. Each letter is carefully crafted to transport your child to a different location in India each month, allowing them to explore the cultures, traditions, and stories of that particular area. As they read these 2 full page letters, the sights become vivid in their minds, and the landmarks are almost something they can touch. Their imaginations will soar, and they will embark on exciting adventures without leaving the comfort of their own home. Every month, your children will receive a postcard about the area that is being focused on that month (The "Mega Mystery: The Puzzling Palace on Wheels" actually contains three locations in one mystery, if you're looking for a souped up experience. This can be purchased as a stand alone experience, or it can be added to your monthly subscription for just the price of shipping) - this is a great opportunity to ask your kids if what they are seeing matches what they'd imagined in their heads, or quiz them on facts it presents (every part of the mystery letters can be used as a launching pad for conversations with your children about India). 

2. Foster a love for reading

Reading is a fundamental skill that opens doors to endless possibilities - obviously we want our kids to have this skill, but we don't want to have to fight them about it along the way. IndianTies Mystery Letters are designed to make reading an experience your child looks forward to. With their engaging content and interactive elements, these letters will captivate your child's attention and instill a love for reading (and reading carefully, since they will have to use the details they notice in their reading to help solve the mysteries that Ravi & Devi find themselves in). As your kids eagerly await each new letter, their enthusiasm for books and storytelling will continue to grow. Ravi writes to his friends every month to tell them what amazing, different, surprising, and memorable people, things, and places he sees, and somehow - without fail - he and his sister always find themselves in the middle of a mystery! This is where careful reading, critical thinking, and insightfulness come into play, and this is when you will suddenly find that your children are learning to care about the details. They aren't rushing or being distracted, rather they take in the language, details, and information presented to them in these letters. With each month, their connection to India and their love of reading will grow. 

3. Enhance their critical thinking skills and cultural awareness.

As the love of reading begins to grow in your children, you'll notice that they are capable of more and more.  Critical thinking and cultural awareness begin to blossom from the curiousity and entertainment that captivated them in the first place when they began reading their monthly IndianTies Mystery Letters. In small and bigger steps, you'll notice that they are learning to pay attention to details as they read and listen. As they realize that Ravi and the others in the story are always using critical thinking to get from clue to clue and discovery to discovery, they will begin to mirror that. Suddenly your reader is looking for nuance and language choices that can help guide them as they take in the stories and the culture that Ravi passes along to them. There are so many opportunities for you, as parents, to engage with your kids and ask them questions that sharpen that critical thinking while they work to solve the monthly mystery.                               

In addition to a growing ability to think critically, we want to see children developing an understanding and appreciation for different cultures, or even to better understand their own culture, or a culture that they may share in (perhaps to a different extent than those actually living in India experience). Whether your child was born in India, has visited their many times, or has only heard stories about it, IndianTies Mystery Letters provide a unique opportunity for your child to learn about Indian culture in a fun and immersive way. Through these letters, they will discover the rich traditions, vibrant festivals, and fascinating history of India. By cultivating cultural awareness, you are nurturing your child's empathy, respect, and global perspective, not to mention deepening their own connection with India. 

So, why wait? Gift your child with an IndianTies Mystery Letters subscription and watch their imagination soar, their love for reading blossom, and their critical thinking and cultural awareness flourish. Give them the gift of wonder, knowledge, and joy with IndianTies Mystery Letters!

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