Diwali gift guide

Diwali gift guide

There are two weeks left until Diwali! If you are still thinking about ideas for gifts for your kids, take a look at some of the unique, India - themed things we've come across. These gifts not only entertain but also celebrate their Indian heritage. Get ready to make this holiday season unforgettable with gifts that will engage their minds, entertain their creative side, and enhance their connection with their Indian roots!  Some of the links listed may be affiliate links - this does not increase any pricing for you, rather it allows for a small commission that comes from the manufacturer when applicable. 

1. Indian Board Games

Introduce Indian culture through fun and educational board games. Games that have their foundations in India like

Snakes and Ladders  &  Ludo 




and Mancala             


will keep them entertained for hours while teaching them about Indian traditions and values. There are also games that are set in India like



and party games that highlight Indian life and language like

Desi Chaat                   


2. Indian Books

Ignite their imaginations with captivating Indian books! Entertain your child(ren) while introducing the settings, morals, culture, and characters of India. There are books focused specifically on Diwali such as

Let's Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali 


Diwali Celebrate the World 

books that give you 101 stories to choose from each night like

101 Tales the Great Panchatantra Collection  


101 Witty Stories of Ankbar and Birbal 


and simpler picture books like

Goodnight India


3. Indian Cooking Items / Cookbooks

Help them discover the flavors of India though kid-friendly cooking. Fill your home with the fragrances of India and help your child learn the skills required to cook and bake authentic Indian dishes and treats. Take advantage of shared time in the kitchen, whether that be as simple as letting your little one help prepare treats with these adorable

Diwali themed cookie cutters


having them help you roll out some very fancy dough with this

Mehndi Indian Henna Rolling Pen 


or letting them take more of the lead by selecting full recipes to follow from our Indian Ties Mega India Recipe Bundle  


or even selecting from Indian Holiday Foods: Festival Dishes



 Not sure you'll have all the ingredients you need? Have the ingredients and the recipes mailed directly to you!


4. Indian Arts and Crafts Kit

Unleash their artistic side with an Indian arts and crafts kit. Let your little ones entertain themselves and add to the holiday atmosphere with this

Diwali Decorations Craft Kit


help them make Diwali Suncatchers


 decorate in their own Diwali coloring book


 or choose from plenty of options in the 50 Diwali Activities craft book


For crafts that span beyond Diwali, choose educational and entertaining crafts that are based on locals of India from Indian Ties Mega India Craft Bundle


5. Indian Language Learning Kit

Make it fun and easy for your child to connect with their roots by gifting them an Indian language learning kit. They can learn basic phrases, alphabets, and even practice writing in Hindi. There are gifts available in all ranges for this, from physical learning tools like the

wooden Hindi alphabet 


or Trace & Learn Hindi Letters


to an entire board book boxed set 


and even this talking, interactive Hindi Board



Gift your loved ones the experience of connecting with and deepening their knowledge of India. Indian Ties Mystery Letter Monthly Subscriptions


is an amazing way to educate your child while they're too busy having fun to even realize how much learning has taken place! Gift cards are available for 3, 6 and 12 months.

Check out this adorable Diwali wrapping paper


and these perfect gift labels to complete the full Diwali presentation!


We hope that with these gift ideas, you can make this holiday season truly special for your Desi Kids. Celebrate their heritage, spark their curiosity, and inspire their love for India!

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