What’s inside this month’s IndianTies Mystery Letters?!

The Chennai Conundrum IndianTies Kid's Mystery Letters Subscription Box

This month’s letter is all about traveling to Chennai by train

Our virtual penpal, Ravi and his family, leave Bangalore on the overnight train trip to Chennai. After a few funny mishaps, including Ravi’s first time using the bathroom on an Indian train (!), things take an interesting turn, when there is a fire on the train.  Ravi tells the story in his first introduction letter, then he sends three interactive clue cards for your kids to solve one by one.  
The second clue card includes a special blue “nightvision” viewfinder to help kids find the clues on the train.  
The packet also came with a craft - making three train cars.  Not only is it a fun project but it also helps the kids solve the mystery of how the fire started on the train.  
As a bonus, this month also had a special puzzle page.  The puzzle page has a challenging word problem to solve - the final clue for what started the fire.  
Ravi’s family also had to figure out alternative transportation to get all the way to Chennai… your kids get to help figure out that problem also.  
The sealed conclusion letter tells the rest of the story and also a little twist for how Ravi ends up getting to Chennai.  Will they make it in time for their family reunion or get stuck halfway there?  
Indian Ties Kids Mystery Letters Subscription Box Kit Craft India


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