Did you solve the Puzzling Palace on Wheels Mystery?

congratulations for solving the indignities mystery letter

If you solved the mystery, then Ravi wants to personally congratulate you!  Follow the directions below, and Ravi will send you a FREE bonus postcard in the mail (North America only!) from his current {secret} location!


magnifying glass challenge
  1. Cut out the magnifying glass included in the Puzzling Palace on Wheels Mystery

  2. Snap a fun picture - be creative!

  3. Post it to social media and tag us! Instagram and/or Facebook (be sure to give us a "like" or a "follow" while you're there!)

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  5. Once you've completed all of the steps, send us a followup email to info@indianties.com verifying your child/children's names and your mailing address and then look out for a fun postcard in the mail from Ravi!


We hope you enjoyed the Puzzling Palace on Wheels!  We can't wait to send you the bonus postcard in the mail!