How to Get the IndianTies Mega Mystery:


The Puzzling Palace on Wheels:
An IndianTies Mega Mystery!

IndianTies Mega Mystery Envelope

We know your kids are dying to find out what happens to Ravi and crew in our exclusive MEGA Mystery: The Puzzling Palace on Wheels! (Part two of the FREE Mini Mystery: The Dash Through Delhi (if you missed it - grab it here)!


Choose your special offer:

1. One Time Purchase

Purchase the sand-alone mystery, The Puzzling Palace on Wheels with no subscription required, as a one-time gift, which can be mailed directly to your recipient.

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2. FREE with Subscription

LOVE IndianTies Mystery Letters and want to get one every month? Subscribe  and we will send you The Puzzling Palace on Wheels for FREE, a $34.99 value! Just pay shipping & handling!** 

**To get the free offer, FIRST add the subscription to your cart and wait for a popup offer to add the Mega Mystery to your cart for free. Be sure to use the discount code (found in the popup window) at checkout! 

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Either way, you will get the Mega Mystery: The Puzzling Palace on Wheels in your mailbox right away! This mystery ships within 1-2 business days. 


Please note, when you sign up as a subscriber, the Mega Mystery will ship immediately, then the subscription will ship to the recipient the first week of the following month, and monthly thereafter.  Cancel at any time by emailing us.  


What's makes this a Mega Mystery?

This is our FIRST ever Mega Mystery, it ships in a limited edition, festive envelope, and it includes not one but THREE destinations, all linked together with a fun and challenging mystery to solve.  There will be physical evidence, like photographs, maps, newspaper articles, and more!  This Mega Mystery takes the fun and excitement of IndianTies Mystery Letters to a whole new level and would make a great gift for the holidays or a birthday for a special child in your life!


Monthly IndianTies Mystery Letters include:

A fun mystery to solve, cultural tidbits, and educational insights.  


  • A full color, two-page, illustrated letter
  • A souvenir postcard from the destination 
  • Three sealed clue cards
  • A special custom-designed paper craft or activity
  • A sealed conclusion letter to open after the mystery is solved
  • And more!
This experience is designed for kids age 7-12, but with help, younger kids will enjoy it and older kids and parents enjoy it too!