The Masquerade in Mumbai Magic Trick FAQ

Mumbai Magician Card Trick


Watch the videos below to find detailed instructions for how to make and perform the Magic Trick Craft from the Masquerade in Mumbai!


The video above is a demo of how to perform the trick!  You will appear to drop the magician card into the empty paper bag, but then show that it is still in the card holder!  Then by waving your hand in front of the card holder, the card will disappear before your very eyes! Then you will show that the magician card was in the bag the whole time after all!  


Watch the video above to see how to assemble the magic trick.  Be careful to stick the three layers of cardboard together in the way shown on the video.  You need the white side facing out on the card holder.  The three layers of cardboard will be seperated by the foam tape, making a slot to slide the two magician cards into place.  *Note the card with the openings should be placed face up, not face down (see next video!)


And finally... the video above shows the "secret" to performing the Mumbai Card Trick. Practice this over and over again in a mirror and you'll be able to baffle your family and friends!  

download card

If you need to reprint your magician card we suggest printing the following pdf file on cardstock.  Download here!